SESAM – The Secretariat for the Interconnection of Production Equipment – we connect people within automation and digitalization.

Explore together with SESAM exciting world of automation and inspiration for interconnecting production equipment.

Our mission is to serve as the Danish knowledge center where we share essential knowledge, experiences, and practical outcomes with SESAM’s members, as well with Danish companies of all sizes and across various industries.

Our vision is to be the leading Danish network organization in automation and IT related to production, logistics, and operations.

To make new digitalization technologies more accessible, we present practical examples of their application, enabling our members to form clear perspectives on the most recent technologies and methods.

We aim to contribute to increasing automation and integration of production equipment in Danish companies to enhance their profitability.

We achieve this by:

  • Hosting technology conferences where we share valuable knowledge and experience.
  • Facilitating working groups to promote and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among members in the field of automation.
  • Increasing recent and relevant development and application of interconnection of production equipment
  • Advocating for increased awareness of interconnection of production equipment in the public
  • Distributing our SESAM newsletter to keep our members updated on the most recent knowlegde
  • Collecting relevant information from journals and other sources
  • Providing information about international work

Our dedication is supporting our members on their journey towards a more automated future.

With SESAM, you have access to the knowledge and network that can help you to optimize your production and strengthen your competitiveness in both national and international markets.

Who can become a member of SESAM?

Anyone with an interest in system integration and interconnection of production equipment, spanning from sensors to complete control systems, is welcome to join SESAM member.

Typical member profiles include users, suppliers, consultants, advisors, industry associations, institutions, and educational institutions.


Information about membership prizing

Company with multiple VAT numbers (- includes underlying company or companies) with the same or different CVR numbers 15.000 DKK
Company with one VAT number and over 10 employees7.750 DKK
Company with one VAT number and under 10 employees2.250 DKK

Prices are exclusive of VAT and are valid for a calendar year.

The annual membership fee is determined at the annual general meeting, held in August/September each year.

The membership fee for 2025 will be collected in September/October 2024 and covers from January to December of the following year 2025. Resignation of membership must be submitted written to the Secretariat with a three-month notice period, ending at the end of a calendar year.

Contact the secretariat for more information about SESAM membership.